As we’ve discussed many times before, working with Saltsha and Journey Business Solutions will save you quite a bit of money when it comes to avoiding credit care processing fees. Depending on your agreement with the credit care company, we could be saving you 5% or more when you choose to work with us.

At first, the idea of saving that much money might make you think “Oh, good,” and then get on with our day. But when you take a moment to think about it, that much money could end up being a huge boon to your business.

Here’s a “for instance.” Let’s say that you’re running $20,000 a month in credit card payments, and by working with our credit card merchant services you end up saving 5%. That means another $1,000 you’re saving every month by working with us instead of someone else. What could you do with that much money every month? Here are some suggestions.

Expand Inventory

To put it simply, if you have more sell, then you have more opportunities for the customer to buy. A clothing store could add a lotion counter, a restaurant could increase the types of alcohol they serve, jewelry sellers could expand the lines they sell.

Remember, having more inventory helps in three very important ways:

  • More inventory gives customers who are already in your store or restaurant more to buy and encourages them to buy items they might not have considered before.
  • It gives customers more options to choose from, making it more likely that you’ll have what they’re looking for. It’s easier for a customer to say “no” to a single item, but having a choice between two can make them think that they have to make a decision…a decision to buy!
  • Different inventory draws customers to your store who might not have considered you before. While they might not be interested in your primary offerings, secondary offerings can increase your customer base.

Increase Your Marketing Budget

If there’s one thing that surprises most new small business owners, it’s the importance of marketing. Even a small business that’s unique to a particular area still has to let people know that they’re open. Waiting for people to drive by simply isn’t a viable option.

How could the money you save with our credit card services best be used? It all depends on your particular business and how your community responds to various types of marketing. Maybe they respond best to mailers, or maybe you’re near a highway and billboards could work best. We bet you could also do well investing in a better website or more ads on Google. Spending more on marketing will almost always give your business the uptick you’re looking for.

Redesign the Shop

If you’re a new business in a fresh space, there’s probably no need to redesign just yet. But if you’ve been in a particular location for a while, you’ve probably started to see some wear and tear. Restaurants could see cracks in booths, and the stains on the carpet could be causing unsightly — and smelly — problems. Retail stores also see problems arise with flooring, whether it’s tile, carpet, or concrete. And every business is going to see damage to walls, whether it’s due to employees moving shelves around or customers scraping their purses across the paint.

Can all of these be fixed on the $1,000 you might save over a month by choosing our merchant account services? Maybe not, but over the course of a year, we bet that $12,000 will get you more than just a fresh coat of paint!

Hire Another Employee

What could you do with another employee? For most small business owners, hiring an extra employee means more time away from manning the floor. Another employee could mean more time to deal with the paperwork in the back room, or more time looking for better deals on inventory. Both of these simply means that the business owner can get stuff done during the day instead of having to work for the business 24/7.

Here’s another option: stay open for more hours. Hiring another employee could mean that a restaurant can be open for breakfast, or that a retail establishment can be open on the Mondays they usually take off.

Can that $1,000 a month hire another full-time employee? No, but it could get you a good part-time employee so that you can do more with your business. Alternately, you could increase the hours of a part-time employee to make them full-time. It’s a win either way, and you, the business owner, will have more time to spend on finding other ways to make your company grow.

Pocket It! (And Help Your Business)

Why are you in business? To make money, of course! Doing so supports you and your family, and there’s nothing wrong with turning a profit so that you can enjoy a little something more in your life. Saving that money and then taking a vacation can be a great way to avoid small business burnout, refreshing your mind and letting you come back with new ideas. Maybe that extra money you save by avoiding small business credit card fees could let you network with other business owners more, whether it’s at lunches, clubs, or on the golf course. Not only can you have fun with your money, but it can also lead to business growth.

Work With Saltsha!

At Journey Business Solutions, we believe that you should be able to keep as much of your money as possible. That’s why we came up with Saltsha, which allows you to pass the credit card fees you’d normally be paying on to the customers. When you save money with our credit card processing company, you’ll be able to do even more to make your business grow.

We want to help your Texas small business from beginning to end, and we have five locations to help in Beaumont, San Antonio, Houston, DFW, and RGV. Contact us today to see how we can help you keep the money you’ve earned!