We’re not going to come along and tell you that “credit cards are the wave of the future” and that your business needs to accept them. You already know that. Credit and debit card use has exploded in the last two decades, especially with the addition of POS systems and credit card kiosks that people can work by themselves. Gone are the days of the cha-chunk of a carbon copy being run over a credit card’s raised numbers.

You’re probably already accepting credit cards, but have you considered upgrading? Some POS systems are better than others at making customer service everything it can be, and Journey Business Solutions offers the latest such as NCR Silver, Paradise POS, HotSauce Technologies, Payanywhere, and Linga POS. We have these systems throughout Texas, supporting small businesses in Beaumont, San Antonio, Houston, DFW, and RGV from our five offices. 

Whether you’re looking for a new POS system or have one in place, we suggest adding something that can save you up to 4% on every transaction: Saltsha Prime, a merchant cash discount program. With Saltsha Prime, you can pass your credit card processing fees on to your customers, all the while offering them a better price if they pay with cash. And as it turns out, some businesses are more likely to survive if they use a merchant cash discount program than others, simply because their profit margins are thin or their overhead is so high…or both! Let’s take a look at how reducing credit card fees can help a business stay profitable. 

Food Trucks

“All you need is a truck and grill, what could be so expensive?” That’s what many people might think when it comes to the food trucks they frequent. While food trucks are more common than ever, they also aren’t the $2 taco trucks anymore; you might be paying $12 or more for a full meal.

But with people using more credit cards and less cash, nearly every food truck takes credit cards. Profit margins are still thin, though, so having to pay 4% to a credit card company can severely cut into profits. That’s where a merchant cash discount program like Saltsha Prime comes in, allowing food trucks to pass the small charge onto credit card-paying customers.


Anyone who’s in the business of crafting items and selling them as shows knows that sales can really take off when you use a handheld POS system. While a customer might have come to a craft show with $50 in cash and blown through that in the first 30 minutes, credit cards allow them to shop all day long. 

In many cases, people are purchasing items they get at craft shows as gifts. And when they find that perfect gift for someone, they’re not going to let a little 4% non-cash charge get in the way of their purchase. Most customers also know that the vendors usually put more hours into their wares than they’re charging for, so they really don’t mind helping out with the credit card processing fee. 

Snack Bars

Sure, snack bars at major stadiums have been taking credit cards for years, but thanks to modern POS systems, little league and high school snacks stands can now take them as well. Of course, these not-for-profit stands can be hit pretty hard by credit card transaction fees, and that can take away their profits quickly. This is certainly a time when people who are paying with credit cards won’t mind helping out by shouldering some of the fee burden. 

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops have been dealing with the problem of credit card processing fees for years. Yes, they want people’s business. Yes, they have a lot of customers coming through every hour of the morning. Yes, they want to take credit cards, but the fees end up eating into (drinking up?) most of their profit. 

Saltsha Prime lets local coffee shops keep their head above water by transferring some — or all — of the credit card processing fees to the customers. Customers need their morning cup of coffee, so an extra few cents on top of their bill isn’t going to dissuade them from getting their favorite cup of joe.

Does Your Business Need a Cash Discount Program?

When you use a merchant cash discount program such as Saltsha Prime, you’re still letting customers choose whether or not they’re paying the fee by paying with cash or not. And by moving any fees from you to them, you can make sure that you’re not losing 4% of every sale to the credit card companies. 

Wouldn’t you like to see your business make 4% more money, just by adding Saltsha to your POS system? It’s really that easy, and we can get you set up in no time. Click here to get a quote from our Dallas/Fort Worth office today!