When business owners are considering the best way to pay employees and keep track of their taxes, they often put themselves in one of three different categories:

  1. I can do everything myself and don’t need any software to help
  2. I’ll figure out the software if it’s easy enough
  3. My eyes cross when I see numbers and I’m going to hire a comprehensive payroll processing services

At Journey Business Solutions, we’ve made our online payroll processing so easy and comprehensive that small business owners from all three of these categories will feel right at home. If you want to take a look at it, click right here to see all of the amazing features it has. 

If the features of our small business payroll software don’t quite convince you that it’s exactly what you need to make sure payroll and taxes are done correctly, we’ll put it another way: it’s going to save you quite a bit of money and hassle, letting you focus more on growing your business. Sound good? Here’s how it’s going to do just that.

Save Money

First, let’s start off with an obvious one: Our small business payroll software is going to save you money. If you hire a payroll processing service, they’re going to charge you quite a bit to simply fill in a few fields in their own software. If you have 10 employees, it might take them an hour of their time. After that, they’ll need you to keep them updated on how much each employee worked, which means they still need your tallied numbers. If you’re telling them these numbers, wouldn’t it just make more sense for you to put them in a payroll software yourself? Instead of paying them to punch a few keys, you could take care of it and cut out an unnecessary — and more expensive — step.

Save Time

Whether you’re in group 1 or group 3 above, we’re going to save you time.

Group 1 people might be able to create their own spreadsheets in order to keep track of payroll, but why do that when we’ve already created them and ensured that the fields have the proper tallying information? There’s no need to waste your time reinventing the wheel, so why not just make use of our very reasonably priced small business payroll software?

Group 3 people might think that they need a local payroll service to help them keep track of payroll and taxes, when in fact they’re already doing the work. Instead of sending all of the information to an outside company and waiting for them to process everything, the information is instantaneous when you use Journey Business Solutions’ online payroll software. 

Group 2 people…we like your attitude and think you’ll really enjoy using our software!

Save Fines

There’s enough to worry about when it comes to running a small business. Restaurants have to worry about health inspectors coming around, and OSHA is always looking over the shoulder of some businesses. You don’t need the extra worry about whether or not you’re doing taxes properly!

When you use our small business payroll software, that’s not going to be a problem. The software walks you through each step for every employee, ensuring that you’re getting their payroll and any deductions correct. Group 1 people often get in trouble with the IRS because they haven’t figured their employee’s deductions properly, which could lead to fines. Using the right software can help prevent such blunders. 

Save Your Sanity!

Like we’ve said many times before, you don’t need one more thing to worry about when it comes to running your business. You have a lot else on your mind, whether it’s inventory, taking care of customers, growing the business, or hiring more employees. You don’t need to spend an inordinate amount of time and/or money doing something that’s simple if you have the right software.

Luckily, our payroll software is easy enough to use so that it’s not going to weigh on your mind much. And if you run into any problems, we have round-the-clock support for it to make sure you’re doing everything properly.

Looking For the Best Payroll Software Around?

By making it easy to do payroll, we’ve lured a lot of people to our software from all three groups we mentioned above. If you’re looking for a way to simplify your life and get accurate payroll numbers, Journey Business Solutions has just what you need. Find out more about it here!