Credit card processing has provided a huge advantage for small business that was once only available to large companies. Just 30 years ago, the cashier at a department store would have to take a carbon copy of the numbers and the processing would be phoned into the credit card company in order for the transaction to be complete. Today, companies large and small can have instant verification that the credit card is valid…and that the business will indeed be paid for their goods and services.

Unfortunately, fees have been a part of credit card processing for as long as there have been credit cards. This wasn’t such a big deal for the first businesses to use them, because the items being purchased had higher profit margins. But when credit cards being used for items that were $10 or less, the fees often took away all of the profit from the small business owner. Journey Business Solutions knew there had to be a better way, and that’s why we offer Saltsha Prime, a cash discount program in use throughout Fort Worth and many other cities in Texas.

How Does Saltsha Prime Work?

If you’re not familiar with Saltsha Prime, it’s pretty simple: the customer pays the credit card processing fees instead of the business. Paying 4% to the credit card company might not sound like a lot of money at first, but when you’re paying that on every credit card transaction, it really adds up!

If you’re a small business, these “small” costs can really affect your ledger, sometimes reducing your profits to pennies instead of dollars. By distributing the cost among hundreds of customers, you’re saving quite a lot of money.

Do Customers Mind?

While you might think that that would anger every customer who comes through the payment line, talking to our clients reveals that most customers either don’t notice or don’t care. Convenience is a huge selling point for customers, as people carry less cash than ever before. If they can hand over a credit card, it’s just worth the extra few dimes.

Can You Waive The Fees?

Absolutely! If a customer complains (which, again, is pretty seldom), all you have to do is touch an option on your POS system and the fee goes away. You can also let them know that they can get that same discount every time if they bring cash. 

Some of our clients also like to remove the credit card processing fees for their friends or favorite customers. If you have someone stopping by every single day, you may want to reward their loyalty by taking away the processing fees and paying them yourself. Sometimes a customer is worth more as a word-of-mouth influencer than the $.87 a day they would normally pay in credit card processing fees.

It Beats Raising Your Prices

When you determine the prices you’ll be charging for your goods — let’s say you have a food truck — the posted price can determine the difference between getting a customer to stop by and having them pass you by. The price doesn’t have to be that different for them to make their decision; the 30-cent difference between $7.99 and $8.29 could make them balk at your prices. 

Instead of raising your prices in order to secure a profit, it just makes more sense to use a credit card processing system like Saltsha Prime. Instead of the customer walking away (and missing your amazing food), they’ll pick you and end up paying the 30-cents later. You’ll get the same profit, and they’ll get your great food. 

Of course, we never suggest hiding the cost from your customer. All it takes is a simple sign next to the register saying that there will be an additional charge (up to 4%) for credit card purchases. Most of our clients market the removal of this fee as a cash discount…because that’s exactly what it is!

Give It A Try!

Owning a small business can be touch-and-go, and losing money every day to credit card processing fees can put a real strain on resources. If you’re looking for a way to make sure you’re getting the profit you’ve worked so hard for, Saltsha Prime might be exactly what you’re looking for for your Fort Worth business. Find out more about it right here!