female small business owner at her store with excellent point of sale system

Small Business Saturday is the independent and local retailers’ answer to Black Friday, and it’s just as important that their point of sale systems are up to speed as it is at the big guys’ stores down the block. On Black Friday, you hit the big megastores with the crazy deals and the insane giveaways and on Small Business Saturday you recoup, perhaps and head out to the local stores in your area. The mom-and-pop shops, perhaps a local concert venue or theatre. It’s a nice foil to the speedy aggression that is Black Friday in so many places and it’s a great way to boost your local economy.


Many small businesses prepare for Small Business Saturday similarly to how the big-box stores prep for Black Friday: creating attractive arrangements, doing something that entices your customers to come in, and the like. With the potential for having to temporarily shutter your shop due to coronavirus restrictions looming, we’ve come up with a number of ways to attract business online and in-store. No matter what, you want to make sure you have razor-sharp point of sale solutions ready for your customers. Here are the top ten tips you can use at your business for a successful Small Business Saturday:


  1.  Get social…on social media, that is! Share how you are preparing your store, encourage customers to snap selfies and tag your business, and use #ShopSmall to weave into the greater online community. Social media is one of the best ways to market your business.
  2. Contact other local businesses in your area, especially anyone offering complementary goods or services, and see if you can partner up on specials or unique offers. Furthermore, consider highlighting a local charity at your business or on your website’s home page. It’s a great way to get involved and give back.
  3. Ensure you’re ready to handle the customers with a point of sale system that is functional and integrated into your shop’s software. Working with a company that helps businesses with their point of sale systems, such as Journey Business Solutions, can make this go smoothly.
  4. Get a digital makeover. Review all of your sites (website, social media accounts, review sites, anywhere else you might be popping up) to make sure everything about you online is accurate. Focus on what you offer to your customer base, where you’re located, and how customers can contact you. This is the most immediate information that anyone will need, so now is not the time to spend hours on your About page. Save that for another time.
  5. Showcase what sets your business apart. Competing against the big-box guys isn’t easy, so you’ve gotta have something special to draw your customers in. Perhaps you use only local ingredients, or have a story behind how you started to manufacture your products. Come up with a compelling way to make your business stand out: an awesome tagline that hooks them, a strategy for success that blows them away, or rich, colorful photographs of your goods or services on your website all draw in potential customers to explore further. 
  6. Promote gift cards and online shopping. Many people are concerned about venturing out right now; treat them to great deals and discounts online when they purchase gift cards from your website or e-commerce site.
  7. If your website isn’t the same as your e-commerce site, now is a great time to make that change happen. Work with your website developer to ensure your customers can make purchases right from your site. The fewer clicks they have to make, the more likely it is that they’ll want to purchase from you. Also, sending customers to a third party site for processing may raise concerns for some of them about your site’s security. 
  8. Use local events and goings-on — whether they are live or on a videoconferencing platform — and see how your business can participate. Can you donate a gift card to a silent auction or select a handmade item for a raffle? This gets your business’ name out into the local economy.
  9. If you are going to be open in-person on Small Business Saturday, consider extending your hours for that day. Going all-out to make it an amazing day for your business sometimes means opening a little earlier and staying behind a bit longer. It may be worth it for those few extra sales.
  10. Track your success. Within 24 hours, take a few moments to jot down what worked and what didn’t. You can add this to your file as you prepare for next year!

The success of your business on Small Business Saturday can also depend on the importance of having an updated, functional point of sale system and an easy way to facilitate transactions. Journey Business Solutions specializes in providing small businesses with this crucial component for business.