Operating a restaurant is no easy task. From ensuring you have enough supplies to keep the kitchen running to training an ever growing wait staff to placing key managers in place to run front and back of the house operations, there are a myriad of moving parts in this business. One important component of keeping your business moving smoothly will be choosing a POS system that integrates with your needs. There are a variety of POS systems geared towards restaurants on the market and here at Journey Business Solutions, we are ready to help you walk through the pros and cons of them all.

One restaurant software that we often pair with our clients is Paradise POS. This iPad POS system might be the ideal fit for your new restaurant, helping you manage a variety of tasks in one easy place. Read on to find out the five ways this platform is beneficial and talk to our team to find out if this is the right POS system for your needs.

#1: Less Time Training More Time Serving

Many restaurant POS systems are complex and difficult to navigate. This translates to spending a large amount of time on training new hires in the intricacies of the system. When it comes to the restaurant industry, that time is too valuable to be spent on excessive training. You want to be able to equip employees to start serving as quickly as possible.

Paradies POS is a great platform for this. While it doesn’t skimp on features, it was built with usability in mind. The interface was designed to make sense, which means you spend less time training new hires. The hassle-free functionality means that your employees will easily pick up on how the system works.

#2: Cost Effective With All The Bells and Whistles

When it comes to operating your restaurant and actually making a profit, every single penny counts. With average profit margins ranging from 2 to 6 percent for restaurants, there is no room in your budget for wasted money. For this reason, you require a POS system that offers you all the features you need without a hefty price tag.

Paradise POS is a great option for this reason. It is an affordable platform that was designed to specifically integrate with the iPad operating system. You can easily handle everything you need from one affordable location. From payroll to inventory management to payment processing, Paradise POS does it all without costing you valuable money.

#3: Speedy Processing For Happier Customers

No one wants to be stuck waiting for their payment to go through once their meals or drinks are done. A good restaurant POS system should quickly process payments so servers and bartenders can let people get on their way. Lighting fast payment processing is one of the great features of the Paradise POS system. The checkout process is simple for your servers and barely noticeable for your guests. Not only that, but the system also won’t slow down your operations as a whole. Enjoy the simplicity of taking payments with this restaurant POS system.

#4: Exceptional Customer Support

What is worse than purchasing a product only to be left out in the cold when problems arise? While some companies on the market simply sell a solution and then disappear into thin air, Paradise POS is backed by world-class customer support. With availability 24/7, you can rest easy knowing your problems will be resolved in a timely fashion.

Not only that but when you opt for a restaurant POS system through our team here at Journey Business Solutions, you get the benefit of having a one-stop shop for all your business needs. We can work with you to ensure you have payroll services, payment processing, and more.

#5: Offline Mode Means Constant Connectivity

When you lose internet, you don’t want to lose the ability to keep operating. Paradise POS comes equipped with an offline mode that allows all of your devices at the restaurant to stay connected even without internet. This can be vital during outages, ensuring you can continue to operate without hiccups. Less downtime means less of a chance that you lose out on important sales.

If you are on the hunt for an iPad POS system, we invite you to reach out to our team at Journey Business Solutions to learn more about Paradise POS. We will work with you to find the ideal restaurant POS system for your needs.