We’re just going to start the article off by saying this: If you’re new to the world of POS systems, contact us so that we can we can help you get started. The world of credit card processing and POS can be messy, so it’s important to get the help of a company that knows exactly what they’re doing.

Now that that’s out of the way, you might be asking yourself exactly how merchant services can help when it comes to your POS for retail and restaurants. How is one system different from the next, and which one is best for your small business? Let’s take a look.

What’s Your Business?

When you call us up looking for help, one of the first things we’re going to want to know is what kind of business you run. We carry the latest POS systems such as Linga, Payanywhere, HotSauce, Paradise, and NCR Silver, and some are better than others depending on the business at hand. One might be better at serving a sit-down restaurant and another better at a food truck. Another might be better at retail. 

Which is right for you? We can’t really address that until you tell us more about you and the business you own, because there are always exceptions to the rule. We’ll be sure to get you the one that fits your business best, so just get in touch.

Are You Replacing an Existing POS System?

Starting a new business is the easiest time to invest in the best POS system available. All you have to do is let us help you find the one that’s right for you and start processing credit cards!

If you’re switching from an old point-of-sale system to a new one, things can get a little bit more difficult. After all, your current system probably has quite a bit of information in it, whether it’s retail or menu items. If that’s the case, be sure to talk to the professionals at Journey Business Solutions before switching over. We’ll take a look at the compatibility of the old and new system to see how easy it might be to transfer the information you need.

Do You Want To Bring Your Own?

Speaking of keeping the information from your old POS, you might be interested in a point-of-sale system that lets you bring your own iPad. As long as your iPad is relatively new, we can help you integrate it into a brand new system (the Linga POS comes to mind) so that there’s very little changeover occurring, and the learning curve is reduced.

How Much Mobility Do You Need?

It’s important to think about the level of mobility you’ll need with your POS system, both within the store and out in the world. If you’re looking for a restaurant POS system, will the only kiosk you need be behind the wall next to the soda dispensers? Or will the waitress be taking a handheld unit with her to the table, allowing her to take orders and credit cards while away from the primary station?

Mobility is also something to consider when you’re outside the confines of a building. Are you a small business that requires cellular service with your POS because you can’t rely on wi-fi? If so, we’ll help you get the right system to work in any condition…even offline!

How Many People Will Use It?

We can’t deny that some POS systems are easier to use than others. After all, having more flexibility in your system might lead to greater complexity. The screen a waitress uses to tally an order will be more complex than the one you have a customer sign on.

So when looking for the best POS system in Texas, you should let us know how you intend to use it. Will it be exclusively for employees, while customers will only ever see paper receipts? Will a customer be expected to navigate it in any way? Answering these questions will get you on your way to the POS system you need.

Ready To Get the Best POS Around?

If so, it’s time to contact Journey Business Solutions. We have an excellent variety of point-of-sale systems so that you can provide the most efficient experience for you, your employees, and especially your customers. Click here to find the best POS system for your business or ask us questions!