If you’re not familiar with Saltsha Prime, you should be! It’s a powerful way for you to increase the profitability of your business by offering customers merchant cash discount programs (and passing along the credit card processing fees to them if they use any type of card). Saltsha Prime works with the best small business and restaurant POS systems around, making it a seamless way for you to recoup the credit card fees that come with owning a small business. What amounts to a small charge for the customer would normally add up to huge fees for your business. 

But there are times when you don’t want to charge the fees, even if someone is using a credit card. In most cases it just makes sense to save yourself so much money, but every so often you’ll want to remove that non-cash charge. Luckily, Salta Prime works with your POS so that you can remove that charge easily and quickly. But why would you want to? Let’s find out.

Customers Complain

In our most recent blog, we detailed the steps you can take when it comes to dealing with a customer who’s complaining about paying the credit card processing fee associated with a non-cash charge. We talked about how you can try to explain to the customer why the fee is on there in the first place, because otherwise your business might not thrive. We also suggested that you never argue with the customer about the fee, for obvious reasons.

So, when a customer complains, all you have to do is remove the fee from the bill. You certainly don’t want them leaving you a negative review on the internet, which is something that could haunt you for years to come. 

As we talk to the clients who use this merchant cash discount program here in their Fort Worth restaurants and small businesses, we’ve found that you won’t have to deal with this very often. As long as there is an indication that the customer can save money by using cash (such as a sign), the convenience of using a credit card more than makes up for the small fee they might see on their receipt. Even when a customer notices, they just don’t seem to care. 

Friends and Relatives

If you own a restaurant and have friends and relatives who stop by occasionally, it’s possible that you’re simply comping their meal entirely. It really all depends on your relationship with them and how close you are to these particular friends. 

Some may insist on paying in order to support your business. But even if they are paying, you probably don’t want them to be on the hook for additional credit card processing fees that would be saving you money. Removing the non-cash charge from their bill — before they even see it — is probably something you’ll want to do.

Your Best Customers

There are some customers you just like. Either you see them every day, or you’ve had fun talking with them in the past, or they simply just smile when you hand them their meal. Heck, you might even be working up the courage to ask one for their phone number. In any case, there are some customers you can’t help but treat better than others.

These are the customers who are worth more than the 4% non-cash fee you might leave on every other customer’s bill. They’re the loyal ones who are very likely to talk positively about your restaurant and bring friends in on a regular basis. If you’ve made the call to remove the fee from their bill, Saltsha Prime makes it easy for you to do so.

Food Critic

Food critics are supposed to be anonymous, but that can be hard for them to do sometimes. In the restaurant industry in Fort Worth, word can get out about who to watch for. Certain habits of a person can tip you off that they’re a food critic: coming in early, paying extra attention to a server’s words, looking around a lot, ordering two entrees and an appetizer and drinks and dessert, asking detailed questions about the origins of the food.

If you believe you are in the presence of a food critic, you want to give them every reason to think highly of your restaurant. Sure, you’ll treat them extra-nice, but you’ll also want to make sure the bill looks good. Whatever business they work for is certainly paying for their meal, but you don’t want them doing a double-take by seeing a “non-cash fee” on the bill. Remember, a critic is reviewing the entire restaurant, including the atmosphere, waitstaff, and end-of-service experience; you don’t want them mentioning added fees on the tab. 

Saltsha Prime Makes It Easy!

If you choose to go with a merchant cash discount program in your POS system, you’ll be saving a lot of money by making the charge the default for every customer. But you’ll also want to be able to remove that non-cash fee at a moment’s notice, and Saltsha Prime makes it easy to do so. With just a touch, you can make angry customers, friends, family, food critics, and your best customers happier by removing any fees associated with credit cards. Sure, you’ll have to pay the fee, but in these cases it’s simply worth it.

If you’re ready to make the most of your restaurant POS system, Saltsha Prime can save you money on the credit card processing fees. Click here to get a quote from our Dallas/Fort Worth office!