While Journey Business Solutions is best known for merchant services that allow small businesses to eliminate credit card fees, there’s another part of our business that can help companies thrive in a different way: our point-of-sale systems. We offer five different POS systems that satisfy a variety of business needs, including NCR Silver, Paradise POS, HotSauce, Payanywhere, and Linga POS. From restaurants to retail to medical offices, we can make payments easier.

But who are we making it easier for? Who benefits from a top-tier POS system? Today we’re going to look at the three main beneficiaries when you work with Journey Business solutions for your payment processing services.

Your Customers

Whether you need a restaurant POS system or one that’s suited to other types of retail, it’s vitally important that you keep your customers happy. If they view you as “the slow place” or “the place that always gets my order wrong,” they might not be your customers much longer.

What are customers looking for in your POS system? The first is accuracy. They want to pay for what they ordered, so ensuring that any discounts or coupons are tallied correctly is vitally important. The second is speed. A customer wants you to be able to take their money — whether it’s cash or credit card — without any delays or hiccups. Finally, the customer wants security. While they might not be thinking about the importance of security while they’re paying for a meal, you never want them to find out that their credit card numbers were compromised because something was wrong with your POS system.

Your Employees

Why did you hire the client-facing employees you did? Most likely because you thought they’d be good with customers. But as friendly as they might be, they still don’t want to stand there awkwardly as the POS system takes minutes to run a credit card. They don’t want to explain why the POS system won’t let them key in a military discount, or why the buy-one-get-one-half-off deal isn’t going through.

No, your employees want your POS system and credit card processing to work flawlessly so that they don’t have to make excuses in front of the customer. Customers are sick and tired of hearing “my computer is running slow,” which can give them a negative view of your business and, unfair as it may be, a negative view of your hardworking employees.


As a business owner, we know you don’t mind challenges. You want to grow your businesses, no matter the problems that come your way, and challenges can be a great way to show you how your business needs to change in order to get better.

But there are two types of challenges: those you can grow from, and those that just bog down the way you try to do business. Keeping a slow, bulky, or inefficient payment processing system would be foolish, because it’s an easy fix that could quickly improve the way you do business. We’ll make the switch over to a better POS system easy for you.

Get A POS System That Works

Finding a new POS system just makes sense. It’s a win-win-win across the board, helping your customers, your employees, and the business owner. Considering how customizable and efficient the best POS systems are, you’ll be amazed at how efficient you can make the sales part of your business.

At Journey Business Solutions, we carry the latest and greatest POS systems including Linga, Payanywhere, HotSauce, Paradise, and NCR Silver. If your business could use an upgrade, contact our merchant services locations in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas.Fort Worth, RGV, or Beaumont. We look forward to hearing from you!