Even though you might be a small business owner, you’re also a customer when you’re not in your store or restaurant. You get out and about like anyone else, shopping all over town for things you need and things you want. And as you’re shopping, we’re sure you’ve run into a dozen different kinds of POS systems. There are the ones you’ll find at groceries and big box stores, the sleek kiosks you’ll find at take-out places, and the handheld units you’re handed at a food truck. 

Of course, not all of these POS systems are the best. Some of them have problems, as we’re sure you’ve noticed during your shopping experiences. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons you should upgrade your POS and give your customers the latest and greatest experience when they’re shopping with you.

They Want To Leave, So Ensure Speed

Even if a customer took their time eating in your restaurant or spent an hour browsing in your store, they still want their checkout to be as fast as possible. They made the decision to shop leisurely, but they don’t want your POS system to tell them that they have to stick around any longer. They want to leave, and your retail POS might be slowing them down.

Think about the different speeds at which you can navigate POS systems. The ones at the grocery can be done processing in seconds, beeping at you to remove the card before you’re even ready. On the other hand, you might find yourself drumming your fingers and looking around awkwardly at the pet store as you find yourself with an extra 30 seconds on your hands. A POS should be set up so that it’s responding as quickly as the customer can. 

Where do these time differences come from? Sometimes it’s your internet connection, sometimes it’s your chosen POS. We can help you determine if it’s a hardware or an internet problem that’s slowing you down. 

Unfortunately, customers have short memories when it comes to the way things used to be. While they formerly accepted a three-minute credit card experience, they now want it to be as instantaneous as possible. Which brings us to our next point… 

They Want a Hassle-Free Experience

For decades, credit card processing was slow and tedious. The employee would get out the heavy credit card machine and make a carbon copy from the raised numbers on the card. They’d then call the credit card company later to relay the numbers and tell them how much to charge it. We’re all glad those days are over, and it’s largely thanks to debit cards. Stores realized that they could make more sales by offering POS systems to take advantage of both debit and credit cards, and the invention of computerized systems (and high-speed communication) on both ends has made shopping easier than ever.

So now that everything has gotten easier, everyone’s happy, right? Of course not! Most people have forgotten how difficult to use POS systems were just 10 years ago. They want the newest and greatest system that can make their swiping experience as hassle-free as possible. 

That’s easier said than done. Because POS systems are constantly improving, the interfaces on older units aren’t nearly as intuitive as customers want. But they can also get upset because they just figured out the old system, and now you’re switching things up on them again! That means it’s absolutely imperative that whatever POS you upgrade to is intuitive so that no one feels foolish or flustered using it.

To put it bluntly, customers have no interest in hearing your excuses. They don’t want to hear that you’ve been considering upgrading to the best POS system, and they don’t want you to blame things on the wi-fi. They just want everything to work and they don’t want you to have to explain it all to them. Journey Business Solutions can help you find the POS system that will work best with your customers. 

They Want Security

The average person uses their debit and credit cards an average of 25 times a month, or nearly once a day. Because it’s such a common occurrence, many of them forget about the trust they’re putting into shops and restaurants on a regular basis. After all, if they hand you their card, they are entrusting you with the money that’s in their bank or the security of their credit score. They’re also entrusting you to do everything you can to make sure they won’t end up spending dozens of hours trying to fix the problems a security leak can cause.

When you work with Journey Business Solutions, you will know that your customers’ credit card information is safe every time they swipe their card using our merchant credit services and the POS systems we offer. This not only protects them, but you as well. If it gets out that your credit card processing system was involved in a leak, your business’ chances of recovering from such bad publicity aren’t very good. Corporations that have had leaks, like Home Depot or Target, might be able to recover, but you probably won’t be so lucky.

Are You Ready To Get The Best POS System Around?

Finding the best POS system for your particular type of retail or restaurant might not be as easy as you think. There are so many variables between businesses, from handling the credit register with food-truck greasy fingers to the ease of adding a tipping structure to your screens. Do you want the customers to do all of the swiping, or are you perfectly happy taking their credit card in hand and doing it yourself?

There are many questions to ask yourself when choosing a POS system, and we’re ready to help you answer them. Journey Business Solutions has offices in Beaumont, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and RGV so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for in point-of-sale solutions. Contact us today!